Dear cis men regulating reproductive rights 

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there’s always that one character you like so much its almost embarrassing

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when guys are like “Hillary Clinton cant run for president her period will mess things up” first of all what a ridiculous statement second of all SHE IS 66 YEARS OLD DO YOU HAVE ANY KNOWLEDGE OF THE FEMALE ANATOMY YOU BUFOON

No they don’t. Where would they learn that? Not in school.

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shoutout to the girls sucking dick because it makes THEM happy

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Lazy Monday🍕💩

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Pokemon Wielding Tomes.

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If the point of the Big Bang Theory was to show that male nerds can be just as sexist as male jocks then well done I guess

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male celebrities for Emma Watson’s #heforshe

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I did a thing.

The writer’s first name is Karen.
Good job on not being able to look at a picture.

'misogynistic media' and did you seriously just imply that women can not be misogynists?

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